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Connecting your first account
Connecting your first account
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Welcome to Roi! 👋

First make sure you have the app installed on your phone. Open it up and sign up to start. You have three sign in methods you can choose from:

  1. Sign in with Email

  2. Sign in with Apple (can use anonymous sign-up)

  3. Sign in with Google

All your information is anonymous and never shared with anyone.

After this you should see an onboarding screen where you can connect your accounts. You can connect up to 15 accounts on Roi today for free and we support everything like brokerages like Robinhood, crypto exchanges like Coinbase, all your favorite Ethereum/Solana wallets, and even alternative assets like watches, real estate, collectibles, and more.

For crypto wallets, you can entire either your public address or ENS on Ethereum, Solana, and Bitcoin. We automatically detect your wallet type to make it as simple as possible for you. You can also link your wallets directly with Metamask or Rainbow.

All your accounts are connected securely and we do not store any usernames, passwords, or authentication content of any kind on the platform. We partnered with platforms like Plaid to connect to your brokerage securely. Plaid is what's also used by Venmo, Chime, and many more financial apps as well. Read more here.

You’re now setup on Roi! From here you can track all your accounts and see your investments in one place. Track everything from stocks, NFTs, DeFi protocols, tokens, and more on your phone and see your performance in real-time.

Read our website on more of our app features to learn more about what you can do on Roi today.

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